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Product Code: ULTRASONIC-SENDER-WATER, Waste or Diesel Sender

Ultrasonic Sender

SKU: 2-Wire
  • The Fluid-Trac™ cost-competitive liquid level sensor family is ideal for tanks or storage containers that have a depth/height of 32 inches (24 inches for gasoline). These liquid level sensors are chemically compatible with gasoline, diesel fuels, ethanol, oils, fresh water, sewage water, UREA (AdBlue) and engine coolants. 

    Fluid-Trac™ Options


    • The Fluid-Trac™ 2-Wire liquid level sensors are non-contact sensors that can be used as a more reliable and accurate replacement for standard 30-240 ohm resistive float sender, reed-switch tube sensors or capacitive tube senders.
    • The Fluid-Trac™ 2-Wire liquid level sensor is commonly used to work with fuel gauges.
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